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Three words for proud Latvia - Made In Latvia
Products made in Latvia


Please acquaint yourself with the following terms of warranty:

1. The manufacture warranty is applied to all goods bought in webshop madeinlv.lv.

2. The manufacturer’s warranty period can be from 1 till 5 years and is different for each product.The warranty period also will be given in the guarantee coupon attached to all product’s purchase documents. There is an international warranty permitting the repairing of some goods for free all over the world, however, this warranty doesn’t relate to all products that can be bought at us.

3. Don’t be upset, if the manufacturer’s warranty is less than 2 years! By private persons claims to product quality can be mades within 2 years from the date of purchasing.

4. To avoid misunderstanding, please, read the direction for use before using of bought product and use the product in accordance with its purpose.

5. Remember! The manufacturer’s warranty is valid if You can submit:

supporting documents of purchase (bill of sale, invoice or purchase receipt);

the manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty coupon (if it is provided with goods packaging arrangement).

6. The warranty doesn’t relate to additional accessories, components of power supply (batteries, accumulators), the accessories with limited resource.

7. The manufacturer’s warranty is invalid in the following cases:

if the guarantee seals, serial numbers have been removed from the product and in case of repairing the product by yourself;

if the damage is caused by the elements (flooding, a storm, a lightning stroke, fire, earthquake);

if the damage is caused be entry of any foreign object, liquid, insect in the product;

if the damage is caused be usage of incorrect power supply unit or incompatible spare parts, and also by usage of consumables that don’t have the manufacturer’s certificate for using with certain product (cartridges, toners);

if the damage is caused by usage of incompatible supply voltage, telecommunications’ networks, cablings, also by sharp temperature fluctuations and influence of other everyday and external factors (soot, smoke, dust, moisture);

if the regular service wasn’t made to products for which it is indispensable condition;

if the product won’t be used in accordance with it purpose (such as industrial and professional purposes).

8. Take care of safety and keeping the data of device. The warranty service centers don’t guarantee the safety of data, therefore it is recommended to make backup copies of the data.

9. In case of appearing the defect during the warranty periods of product, You have the following possibilities:

to go to the service center specified in the manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty coupon or specified in the list of authorized service centers below. Please note, You will need to submit the proof of purchase and warranty coupon;

to contact us and we will help You to find the best decision;

to come to our office with purchase document and warranty coupon. Would be better to agree with us Your coming in advance.
  e-mail: info@madeinlv.lv 
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